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Business Partners 

We have developed long lasting business associations with the major national and international manufacturers and vendors of the industry to source high end range. Our vendors are the leading names of the industry, who design the range using quality raw materials to ensure high performance and efficacy. With the assistance of our vendors, we have been meeting bulk demands of optimum array of products like Solid Carbide Cutting Tools,etc on time. Following is the list of our reputed vendors:

Britool (Torque Wrenches & Multipliers)

Thor (Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools)

Bharat Jyothi (Machine Tools Accessories)

Norbar (Torque Wrenches & Multipliers)

Addison (Hss & Cobalted Cutting & Threading Tools)

GMT (Machine Tools Accessories)

Tohnichi (Torque Wrenches & Multipliers)

I.T. (HSS & Cobalted Cutting & Threading Tools)

KTA (Machine Tools Accessories)

Powermaster (Torque Wrenches & Multipliers)

J.K. (HSS & Cobalted Cutting & Threading Tools)

Hip Gauges (Threaded, Plain & Snap Gauges)

Torqtech (Torque Wrenches & Multipliers)

Alfa (Hss & Cobalted Cutting & Threading Tools)

Size Ontrol Gauges (Threaded, Plain & Snap Gauges)

Mitutoyo (Precision Measuring Instruments)

STM (HSS & Cobalted Cutting & Threading Tools)

Zawar Gauges (Threaded, Plain & Snap Gauges)

Mahr (Precision Measuring Instruments)

Titex (Hss & Cobalted Cutting & Threading Tools)

M. Metrology Gauges (Threaded, Plain & Snap Gauges)

Tesa (Precision Measuring Instruments)

Miranda Thor (Hss & Cobalted Cutting & Threading Tools)

Taparia (Hand Tools)

Baker (Precision Measuring Instruments)

Stribek (Machine Tools Accessories)

Jhlani (Hand Tools)

Sandvik (Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools)

JUG (Machine Tools Accessories)

Everest (Hand Tools)

Widia (Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools)

Apex (Machine Tools Accessories)

Samrat (Hand Tools)

SGS (Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools)

Elemeca (Machine Tools Accessories)

Bharat (Hand Tools)

AACT (Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools)

Our Products 

Precision Measuring Instruments

Dial Gauge

Dial Bore Gauge

Depth Micrometer

Internal Groove Gauge

3 Point Internal Micrometer

Sheet Metal Micrometer

Micrometers & Depth Micrometer

Outside Micrometer

Blade Micrometer

Vernier Caliper

Solid & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools Carbide Inserts

Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tool

Solid & Brazed Carbide Tipped Tool

Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide Tips

Cutting Tools & Equipment

Carbide End Mills

Carbide Drill Bit

Solid Carbide Tools

Carbide Drills

Brazed Carbide Tools

Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

Torque Wrenches & Multipliers

Torque Wrench

Dial Type Torque Meter

Torque Screw Driver

Torque Multiplier


Torque Calibration Rig

HMT & BFW Machine Spares

Lathe Machine Spares

HSS Cobalt Cutting & Threading Tools

Gear Shaper & Hob Cutter

Counter Sink Tool

Brazed Carbide Tipped Tool

Milling Cutter

Extra Long Drill

Hob Cutter

Machine Tools & Accessories

Machine Tool Accessories

Micrometer Stand

Tool Holders & Work Holders

Tool Holder Accessories

End Mill Holders

Cutting Tool Holder

Revolving Center

CNC Cutting Tool Holder

Tool Holder Work Holder

Drill Bit Holders

Tool Holders

Plain Threaded Gauges & Snap Gauges

Threaded Plain & Snap Gauge

Threaded Gauges

Snap Gauges

Ring Gauge

Hand Tools

Files & Rasp

Hole Saw Kits

Torque Screwdriver

Hand Tools

Manual Torque Wrenches

Precision Vices

Machinist Files

Saw Files

External Circlip Plier

Steel Files

Torque Multiplier

Claw Hammer

Torque Tools

Side Cutters


Measuring Instrument Repair Spares & Calibration

Measuring Instrument Repair & Calibration

Measuring Instrument Calibration

Measuring Instrument Gages & Calibration

Crimping Tools

Crimping Hand Tool

Crimping Tools

Hydraulic Crimping Tools

Hydraulic Crimping Tool

Non Sparkling & Spark Resistant Hand Tools

Non Sparkling Hand Tool

Combination Plier

Chain Pipe Wrench

Pipe Wrench

Slotted Screw Driver

Hammering Spanner

Adjustable Wrench

Sledge Hammer

Round Nose Plier

Striking Open Ended Wrenches


Double Ended Combination Wrenches

Aviation Snipes Wire Twisters & Cutter Pliers

Cutter Plier

Wire Twister

Magnetic Gauges

Height Gauge

Dial Gauge Magnetic Stand

Drilling Equipment

Drill Bits

Long Series Drills

Taper Shank Drills

CNC Drilling Tools

HSS Drills

Stub Drill

Hammer Drill Bits

Machine Taps

Twist Drills

Drilling & Boring Equipment

Parallel Shank Jobber Drills

Slot Drill

Extra Long Drill Bits

Carbon Steel Hand Taps

DTH Hammer & Bits

Center Drills

Revolving Center

High Speed Steel Drills

Drilling Tools

Industrial Cutting Tools

Hacksaw Blade

Carbide Tipped Slitting Saw Blade

Milling Cutters

End Mill Cutters

Taper Reamer

HSS Metal Cutting Tools

Bimetal Bandsaw Blade

Slitting Blades

Machine Tool

Cutting Blades

Tool Bits

Portable Electrical Tools

Face Milling Cutters

Threading Chasers

Power Hacksaw Blades

Carbon Steel Hand Taps


HSS Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Metal Slitting Saws

Hand Hacksaw Blades

Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Hand Reamer

High Speed Steel All Hard Blades

Flexible Carbon Steel Blades

Hole Saws Accessories

Thread Cutting Tools


HSS Tool Bit

Ratchet Pipe Reamers

Die Head Chasers

Mini Hole Saw

Core Cutters

Measurement Instrument


Mitutoyo Micrometer

Dial Indicator Mitutoyo

Precision Measuring Equipment

Vernier Calipers

Measuring Instruments

Inside Micrometers

Industrial Gauges

Checking Gauges

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

Ring Gauges

Coating Thickness Gauge

Digital Gauge

Thread Gauges

Precision Gauges

Mechanical Gauges

Dial Gauge

Depth Gauges

Thickness Gauge


Engineers Square & Gauges

Threading Tools

Flat Thread Rolling Dies

Thread Rolling Dies

Threading Taps

Hex Dies

Round Dies

Tap & Dies Set

Threading Dies

Milling Machine & Accessories

Milling Reduction Socket

Milling Machine Vice

Thread Milling Cutters

Pneumatic tools

Pneumatic Air Wrench

Air Riveter

Air Die Grinder

Pneumatic Air Drill

Air Angle Grinder

Gauge Tools

Gauge Block

Gauge Block Accessories

Slip Gauge

Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Pipe Bending Machine

Inspection Mirror

Magnifier Lens Loupe

LED Magnifier

Knurl Wheel and Holders

Knurl Wheel

Knurl Holder

Roller Burnishing Tools

Jig Boring & Micro Boring Tools

Storage Facility

We have a huge and full fledged storage facility to store products in bulk properly and safely. With well equipped warehousing unit, we ensure accurate storage as well as advance inventory management policies. Our storage unit is divided efficiently into diverse units to keep the different products like Solid Carbide Cutting Tools, etc according to the sections in a structured manner. Moreover, we have loaded moisture, temperature control and other facilities to keep the products safe for long run.   


We have a team of diligent professionals including procurers, quality controllers, warehousing experts, logistics personnel, marketing executives and other skilled workers. Every team member works hard to meet the demands of the clients by sourcing high end range of Solid Carbide Cutting Tools, etc and deliver it to the clients on time. Our team works in close harmonization with the customers to comprehend their exact needs and fulfill them with the best. In addition to this, they also keep themselves abreast with the changing needs to be ahead in the market.

Why Us?

  • Reliable vendor base
  • Quality products
  • Team of skilled professionals
  • Large warehousing unit
  • Worldwide distribution network
  • Timely delivery